Duración: 09 horas aprox.


Tours to the south east part of Huaraz of 107 km to Chavín, you pass through the city of Recuay, Ticapampa, Catac, where you take the tour to the Cordillera Blanca, reaching 4000 m above sea level. A photographic stop is made and walk to the shore of the Quero Cocha lagoon and drink very hot coca tea. Continuing on, you will reach the highest point of the trip, 4516 m above sea level. You will cross the Cordillera Blanca through a 500-m-long tunnel. Then start the descent passing the farming villages of Tambillos, Shirapata, and make a stop at the Banderas viewpoint from where you can see a part of the Conchucos area and the agricultural area. Continuing we pass the town of Machac, Quercos, and then we arrive at the ceremonial center of Chavín 3180 m above sea level. The temple of Chavín, maximum exponent of the Andean civilization 1500 years BC In the Archaeological Monument of Chavín, we will observe squares such as: the square place of great religious ceremonies and spiritual, physical and psychological healing carried out with the pilgrims who came to this sacred place, then visit the altar of Choquechinchay, which has been made an astronomical instrument of this civilization, circular plaza place of private ceremonies of Chavin priests, then visit the gallery of the famous “Lanzón de Chavín” is the representation of the God of Chavín and genuine in Latin America of an older God carved in granite rock, then visit the gallery of labyrinths and the gallery of the double Mensula, where you can see the architectural and ventilation techniques used in the construction of the temple. At the end, the only Clava Head that is in its original place is visited and photographed. Then we go to the town of Chavín, after lunch we will visit the National Museum of Chavín, where we find the exhibition of lithic pieces found during the archaeological excavations carried out in the temple of Chavín, there are also Chavín-style ceramics. Return to the city of Huaraz. End of service.